TRIUMF 5-Year Plan 2010-2015

Highlights, Print, Book



The 5-Year Plan maps out Canada’s nuclear research and medicine plan up to 2016 (TRIUMF is Canada’s national laboratory for particle and nuclear physics). The book is almost 1,000 pages long (it weighs several kilograms!) and includes thousands of scientific formulae and hundreds of tables and illustrations within the text, as well as French and English forewords; formatting and layout was extremely complex. We created a custom OpenType font (based on Times New Roman) with numerous scientific and mathematical glyphs and supplied it, along with Microsoft Word templates with embedded custom stylesheets, so that the client could deliver properly-formatted text files for import into our page-layout software. Every single scientific formula was individually formatted and proofed by us to ensure accuracy. We also created two companion print pieces, an Executive Summary and a bilingual summary (English on one side, and the booklet flips over for the French version), along with a custom-branded CD-ROM containing PDFs of all the documents. The project’s editor, Mel McLean, received the 2009 Tom Fairley Editorial Excellence Award from the Editors Association of Canada for her work on the manuscript, and the book was nominated for a 2009 Alcuin Book Design Award in the ‘Reference’ category.


“We worked with Clint for a 1,000 page book that had technical equations, mixed graphics, and a tight timeline. He was extremely efficient and worked with last-minute changes and proposed many improvements. The final publication won the Tom Fairley Award from the Editors Association of Canada. Clint is a real professional with a personal touch and a deep commitment to excellence.” – Timothy Meyer