George Bowering series

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The three books in George Bowering’s series — Burning Water, Shoot!, and Caprice — share a common jacket design. Each features a British Columbia landscape above a horizontal band of texure (leather book binding, horsehide, hand-tooled leather saddle), and below a cropped detail shot that evokes a central theme of each of the novels. Each has a slightly different colour palette to further distinguish them.


“As an accurate account of Vancouver’s exploration of our coastline, Burning Water conveys the exact length — 99 feet — of the explorer’s ship, and contains citations from his journals. As a work of fanciful fiction, things usually thought to be impossible transpire, without compromising the realism of the text. Bowering recalls that his free hand with history particularly incensed the founder of the National Archives, who had written a biography of George Vancouver and complained in print that Burning Water differed too much from other, similar books in its field”